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BPR Afrique buys any quantity of jatropha seeds, providing improved seeds, technical consultation and management to private investors or public around the world. Marketing Department BPR Afrique


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BPR Afrique is interested on all persons, cooperatives, companies, NGOs ... with jatropha plantations around the world.

BPR Afrique offers to work together on all the measures necessary to unite our forces to face current and future challenges, and discuss strategies and experiences in the field of jatropha.

BPR Afrique suggests an international professional organization of producers of Jatropha oil and jatropha (producers must be approved by the local authorities in each country).
This organization could be called OPIPJA (Professional Organization and International Jatropha Producers), who will look:

    • To defend the status of jatropha.
    • To lobby for the of jatropha promotion.
    • To do a reliable international market of jatropha.
    • To protect the jatropha sector from scam and scammer.
    • Identify potential investors
    • To create a common front to defend the eligibility of projects jatropha over carbon credits and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism).
    • To accredit our organization to the United Nations.
    • Etc.…

This organization will protect us effectively, we will include seminars, research and conferences and internal collaboration between producers of jatropha worldwide.

L’OPIPJA will be financed by :

    • An annual contribution of producers (this contribution depends on the number of hectares planted).
    • The superscriptions seminars and conferences
    • Taxes on investments and transactions made within OPIPJA.
    • Subsidized international.
    • Etc.…

Management should be by vote (each 1 ha is a vote). We must define the status of the organization and management.
BPR Afrique will support the constitution of the OPIPJA and organizing the first meeting of constituition.

In this issue we suggest you send us a mail to to begin consultations between us all.


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