BPR Afrique, Jatropha Project Seminaire Jatropha 03 et 04 Octobre 2009

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passion pour le jatropha
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BPR Afrique buys any quantity of jatropha seeds, providing improved seeds, technical consultation and management to private investors or public around the world. Marketing Department BPR Afrique

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Conclusion du séminaire du 03 et 04 octobre 2009 Abidjan.Commentnew jatropha


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BPR Afrique has initiated a project to plant one (1) million hectares of jatropha in Africa ...

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We provide all farmers or agricultural cooperatives selected seeds of Jatropha curcas, a technical assistance ...

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Have questions about how to use jatropha, in this section we offer you the questions and answers the most common on Jatropha ....question

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In this rubric you can give your opinion on jatropha on BPR Afrique, renewable energy, in complete freedom ...

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You are interested in growing jatropha? Do you need technical advice? Contact us.mail


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Une association pour réguler la filière jatropha? Participate new jatropha


JThe seeds of Jatropha contains an inedible oil, which can be processed into biodiesel. This culture opens up new horizons for economic, environmental and social issues in Africa ...

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LBiofuels is a safe bet in the energy sector to court, medium and long term, a hectare of jatropha can produce between 6,000 kg and 10,000 kg per year, without the need for large maintenance or fertilizer ...

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Like renewable energy, you want to work in the field of jatropha and bio-energy, you want to get experience ...



BPR Afrique offers seminarys and meetings with various actors of jatropha. The next ...

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Last post Forum: Le sommet de Copenhague, qu'elles sont ces répercutions sur le jatropha dans le monde et en Afrique en particulier? Mr_jatropha, Reply

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Polls and surveys on Jatropha, its products and all matters affecting ...



Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly diesel had made from vegetable oils. Is a biodegradable fuel ...

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BPR Afrique, appealed to all farmers, cooperatives or companies, which have plantations of jatropha ...

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BPR Afrique, offers a space for your articles on jatropha and renewable energy in Africa and around the world.

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Conclusion Séminaire

Dr KOUAME and Dr YAO 20/11/09

Les operateurs de la filière jatropha se sont réunis...


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