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passion pour la jatropha
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BPR Afrique buys any quantity of jatropha seeds, providing improved seeds, technical consultation and management to private investors or public around the world. Marketing Department BPR Afrique


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Why invest in jatropha?

  • Growing jatropha has an important role in environmental standpoint. The combustion of biodiesel from jatropha oil produced 80% less Co2 than conventional diesel.

    Moreover jatropha plantations and other plants absorb these gases for their growth, this absorption also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Biofuels are therefore a safe bet in the energy sector in the short, medium and long term, as a substitute for diesel

  • The global market for biofuels is rising and production biofuel production is less demand and therefore, Western countries have established laws and regulations to encourage the increase in biodiesel production and use.

  • biofuel production is very limited in the African market, f for the simple reason that there is no industrial production of biofuel; many African governments desire the establishment of biofuel manufacturing unit in their countries, because this new market can generate taxes, jobs, reduce dependence towards the importation of fossil oil, and therefore fewer expenses in foreign currencies.


  • Jatropha oil has a physico-chemical composition very favorable for producing a high quality biofuel, and during the second world war, the jatropha oil was used as a fuel for diesel engines.

  • The jatropha, miracle plant (as named in some African countries) is used as a hedge and in the traditional medicine (as a purgative, against toothache, rheumatism and against leprosy). Moreover, jatropha has uses for industrial development of biodiesel, lubricants, lacquers (natural), soap (Marseilles), fertilizers, insecticides...

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  • Jatropha is a hardy plant that can live on dry and infertile, with 250 mm of rain, resistant to six months of drought and produces between 6,000 kg and 10,000 kg per hectare and year. jatropha has a lifespan of 50 years, or more.

  • jatropha does not need any special maintenance; few weeding and cutting back (2 times per year) is sufficient. From jatropha seeds, we can extract from 25% to 35% oil.

  • The cultivation of jatropha is very profitable in the short term, it can have up to 1,000 kg per hectare of seeds in the first year, if our technical advice are followed.

Marketing team of BPR Afrique


Marketing team BPR Afrique will guide you through all steps of your investment, preliminary until the entry into production of your planting, it will also support you in managing your farm.

The BPR Afrique team invite you to consult us in 00 225 31 630 730 and 00 225 47 93 35 31 or


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