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BPR Afrique buys any quantity of jatropha seeds, providing improved seeds, technical consultation and management to private investors or public around the world. Marketing Department BPR Afrique


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BPR Afrique is the culture of green power for the real fight against global warming and poverty among African populations, combining ecology (the production of biodiesel from jatropha), economics (planting of one million of hectares) and social (creating jobs directly and indirectly with the culture of jatropha).

BPR Afrique is committed to participate in economic and social development of African countries by:

  • The establishment of his own planting: BPR Afrique is currently planting an area of 1000 hectares of jatropha (it's an experimental plantation), with the best scientific techniques and also using the local workforce and training him in the jatropha cultivation techniques.

  • The extension of the culture of jatropha Curcas L in encouraging the creation of one million hectares of jatropha in Africa, ensuring the purchase of products with a long-term contract and technical monitoring.

  • Coaching the producers of jatropha and Agricultural Organizations (APO) to increase the production of jatropha seeds in quantity and quality.

  • Social action for the betterment of farmers and local people.

  • A true partnership with the APO, based on trust and mutual respect.

  • The creation of a big factory for extracting jatropha oil.

  • The promotion of biodiesel in Africa.

  • The construction of processing plant for manufacturing biodiesel from jatropha oil.

BPR Afrique aims to improve the productivity of jatropha to increased farmer income. And Africa will be the leading supplier of jatropha oil.


The management of BPR Afrique is provided by elite of professionals in management, energy and agriculture.
Management BPR Afrique is based on a human resource engaged in ecologically minded.





Mr. Baha Eddine Ltifi

Manager BPR Afrique

He has extensive experience as a manager, an expert in human resources.

He is en charge of BPR Afrique.



Dr. Kouamé Brou

Technical Manager

Doctorate in agronomy and plant specialist in oilseeds.

He is responsable of techniciens group.

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