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BPR Afrique buys any quantity of jatropha seeds, providing improved seeds, technical consultation and management to private investors or public around the world. Marketing Department BPR Afrique


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The cultivation of Jatropha is a new economic sector in Africa and the world. Its location and its development, requires men and women who are well trained on the cultivation of jatropha, agricultural technicians expert of jatropha, the engineers and graduates in marketing and business management ...

BPR Afrique, in its concept of jatropha cultivation, it trains agricultural technicians and executives to lead the African culture of jatropha on bases safe.

For all those interested in doing the culture of jatropha his job, BPR Afrique help you by forming on the culture of jatropha (Jatropha operator, technician jatropha ...).

BPR Afrique launches training courses for operators and technicians jatropha in the months ahead. For more information, send an email to

And for a better understanding of jatropha and renewable energies, BPR Afrique offers a free space for all those who desire to work in the field of jatropha and renewables energy, as well as any company that wants to make a recruitment advertisement.

You can send us your Curriculum vitae with a recent photo and a short description of yourself (300 characters maximum) to, and soon will be published in this section.

You can also send your job advertisement to , the text of recruitment should not exceed 300 characters.


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